About Su Ai

I believe the creative process must be sovereign, which means it must be free and independent from everything: starting from techniques and tools, through culture, traditions, schools, all sorts of categories, to our own biography. I constantly ask questions about openness and freedom of the act of looking. I think of my artwork as a simple record of how I’m experiencing reality; how I struggle with limitations in my functional way of being-in-the-world; how I polemicize with the objectified realm I’m living in.

Born in Poland, Su Ai spent her early years in Russia and France. She studied social sciences and art photography in Poland where later she also established her own publishing house. In 2013 she closed her business so that she could focus on her practice of art and research on sound and movement. She gives workshops internationally and leads interdisciplinary practice-based research programs on sound and movement. Her visual works have been part of collective exhibitions and events in Warsaw and Taipei. She currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan with her husband Jan.

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