I am a Polish painter, printmaker, collage and paper artist, member of The International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA)

Embracing the Dynamic Display of Reality

In my artistic journey, I am interested in the ever-changing nature of existence, where life's essence lies in its perpetual movement and transformation. I perceive our present environment as a constraining force, inhibiting our innate creativity and disconnecting us from the authentic experience of life. Seeking liberation from these limitations, through an interdisciplinary artistic practice I look at the very core of the creative process itself. In this sense, my art does not express any mundane concerns or everyday life-related emotions, but it unveils its own dimension. 

It is here that I explore the interplay of diverse disciplines, materials, and concepts, forging a path beyond the confines of traditional forms and techniques.

In this ever-evolving artistic realm, I invite viewers to immerse themselves in a fluid and transformative artistic experience.

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